BULK FILM Instructions


*Please Note *

During shipment the paper backing on the material may get creased. This crease is not in the material itself and will not show up when installed. Small marks and scratches come out with heat and sun.

Prepare 2 application solutions:

1 – Spray bottle (slip solution) – fill with water and add 2-4 drops of baby      shampoo (no harsh ingredient

1 – Spray bottle (Alcohol solution) – fill with 75% water and 25% isopropyl.


  1. Apply only to clean surface free of wax, grease, etc.
  2. Always check part position, shape and size before applying.
  3. After removing protective backing, liberally spray with slip solution on both sides of the part (adhesive and film) and area that material is being applied to. If the film requires stretching into place then the alcohol solution will be needed to flush out the slip mix.
  4. Starting from the center, squeegee the solution and air from under the film using overlapping strokes. Always squeegee the trapped air or solution to the nearest edge. Be gentle and avoid creasing the film. Film may be removed and re-positioned, but remember to keep the adhesive wet at all times and allow film to relax back to original size and shape before reapplying. Take care to avoid stretching material more than 20%.
  5. Remove any bubbles using an air release tool or pin. Do NOT pressure wash within 24 hours of applying film. Never use pigmented waxes or paste waxes.